Monday, September 24, 2012

Glitter Key {How to}

Here is the scoop on why I am doing this very easy key project.  I have 3 keys on my key ring.  See below. 

Our car key, which is obvious because of its shape and 2 house keys.  1 to the front door and 1 for our detached garage.  Those 2 house keys look exactly the same.  When we come home and I try to unlock the door, I always put the wrong key in.  So I thought I needed a quick way to make the two keys different.  I love glitter and bling, so why not add some glitter to the key.

Here is what you need.

Take your key and apply the Mod Podge.

Add your glitter.

Tap off the excess glitter and let dry.  Then add more Mod Podge to seal the glitter.

That is it.  Here is the final product again.

I won't confuse what key goes to the front door now. I love it. Quick, Easy and it looks good. 

This is the only project that I did today that actually worked out.  Other projects I attempted to do either took longer than expected, I didn't have a tool I needed or something just went wrong and I don't know how to fix it. 

Have you ever had a day like that?  Tomorrow is going to be a good day though.  Maybe I can finish up some more projects to show you.