Friday, June 15, 2012

Followers... Where are you?

I am so confused.  What is going on with my blog?  For the last month, I have been thinking that nobody likes my blog.  I have no followers.  Why doesn't anyone want to follow my blog?  I participate in linky parties.  I did 2 blog hops.  Still no followers.  I was starting to form a complex about it. 

I decided to add the Linky followers widget.  Maybe that is how people follow blogs.  They don't use email or readers, I thought.

Then I thought, I am going to see what happens if someone wants to follow my blog.  I click on the follow through email gadget.  I type in one of my email addresses and submit.  I get a validate subscription email with a link.  I click on that and get a successful subscription message.  So I am thinking I should have at least 1 follower now.

I go to my blogger overview page to see if it updated my 1 follower and lo and behold, zero still.  What is going on?  Maybe I do have followers but they aren't showing up.  I am completely confused.

Usually when I have a problem or a question I google it.  Why aren't my followers showing up in blogger, I type.  Tons and tons of people with the same problem show up.  I click on the first one and it redirects me to some google group with no question that I just clicked on.  OK.  So, I try another one.  Same thing.  So in this group, I type in the same question.  Finally, the question pops up.  But no one gets an answer.  It is like a mystery that no one know the answer to.  Someone suggests deleting all unread posts through google reader.  I follow a lot of blogs and have over 800 unread posts.  I am not about to delete them all just in case it solves this problem.  Most people said that it didn't help.  Other than that, I haven't found any answers.

I am completely desperate at this point.  If anyone that comes across my blog has any answers to this problem or has tried to follow my blog without success.  Please comment to help.  I would really appreciate any advice.  Thank you so much.

PS Today is my last day at work before my vacation.  9 days off.  I plan on posting a lot of projects and maybe even a room reveal.  So I really hope I can fix this problem.  I don't want anyone to miss out on all my fun posts I have planned.


  1. I am having the same problem! I asked my friend to follow and I tried to follow. Again. Yes we get the email. But I still show as massively unpopular!

    Did you change anything as it looks like you have followers now?

    Help me please x

    1. I added google friend connect to my page. The "followers" that show up on your blogger overview page are from people using google friend connect or they add your blog through their reading list. Email followers aren't part of that. They are a separate thing. Go to feedburner to see who your followers are through email. If you followed through email, you will see your email and your friends and anyone else that is following through email. I hope that helps. I still don't have very many followers but I learned that you have to be patient and have a lot of content built up before people will really start to follow you. Take care.

  2. Yeah it does. Thanks. Although the feedburner bit is all a bit confuddling. I'm obviously not as techno savvy as I thought I was. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it though.

  3. I know I'm a little late to the party, but wanted to thank you for eloquently putting your frustration with "0" followers down on your blog. I am experiencing this right now, but my blog is relatively new. With almost 300 page views, you would think someone would want to follow...I can see the follow problem has turned around for you. I hope soon it will turn around for me (I know, in time it will.) Cheers!

    1. Thanks Sarah. It was frustrating at first, but slowly I started to get followers and it is still a slow process. I find that patience is the key to blogging. You won't get hundreds of followers over night. So stick with it. It will all work out.

  4. OMG THANK YOU! I've been blogging for 1 month and was so happy to have reached 1,000 page views, but couldn't figure out why I had ZERO followers. I had never heard of "feedburner" but I went there and I actually have SIX followers! YAY! Thanks for posting this...