Thursday, June 7, 2012

Upcoming Projects - Part 3

Hello again.  Sorry I have been m.i.a lately.  I have been extremely busy with work and at home doing projects.  Trying to cross off some things on this massive list.  But, here is the final installment of the upcoming projects post.

Part 3 is about major projects that will require a lot of labor and hours.

The Bathroom

This is the only picture you will see.  The bathroom is so tiny that you can't get another angle.  I guess I could have got into the bath tub and got a picture from that angle but I figured you wouldn't see much.  This room does not function properly.  We have issues with the current fixtures.  The pedestal sink, as cute as it is, just isn't functional.  The faucet sticks out to far into the sink.  There is a lack of storage.  So it is going to have to go.  The shower/tub combo is extremely tight especially with the sliding doors.  I also would like to be able to take a bath.  So a bigger tub is a must.  Here is the whole list:

  • Take out shower/tub combo
  • Take out pedestal sink
  • Take out space saver toilet cabinetry
  • Take out wainscoting & trim
  • Replace floor with new linoleum
  • Put in board & batten on walls
  • Stencil upper part of wall
  • Install privacy film on window
  • Put in new vanity with new vessel sink
  • Hang shelves above toilet
  • Replace vanity light with new modern light
  • Replace track light with chandelier
  • Install claw foot tub
  • Install shower curtain rod
  • Make custom shower curtain
  • Make curtains for window
  • Hang artwork on wall
  • Paint door

Curb Appeal (Front of the House)

Our house is in serious need of curb appeal.  There is none whatsoever.  Here is what needs done:

  • Take Awnings off whole house
  • Clean siding
  • Paint siding gray on the whole house and garage
  • Paint foundation black
  • Make custom shutters
  • Jack hammer steps from garage out
  • Jack hammer side walks out
  • Remove old rocks from flower beds
  • Build deck with Pergola
  • Put in brick herringbone sidewalk
  • Build new steps to garage
  • Replace mailbox
  • Put up house numbers
  • Paint front door red
  • Add potted flowers on deck
  • Put in black mulch with some flowers in flower beds

Side Yard (Back yard)

We have a decent size back yard (side yard really) with absolutely nothing there except grass and a couple of trees.  These pictures are from last summer.  We have already removed all the hedges and trees that were in the fenced in part of the yard.  We also trimmed the tree branches in the big tree.  I would really like to be able to sit and relax out there or have a cookout.  None of that can happen until some work gets done.

  • Remove lava rocks from flower bed
  • Dig up tree stumps from the trees we cut down
  • Section off yard into 3 sections - (1) sitting area with gazebo, (2) fire pit/ pond area, (3) dining area
  • Install 2 brick herringbone patio areas (sitting and dining areas)
  • Build pergola over dining area
  • Construct stone benches and fire pit
  • Install small pond with fountains
  • Put in black mulch and flowers around tree
  • Add gazebo and outdoor furniture
  • Use old doors as privacy fence
  • Add removable screen to watch movies outside
Well, that concludes the upcoming project list.  I am finishing up 2 of the rooms on this extensive list.  I hope to have the reveal posts here soon.  Become a follower of my blog to see how all these projects turned out.