Friday, November 16, 2012

Kitchen Sneak Peek...DIY String Art

Hello everyone.  Happy Friday!

I am still working on our kitchen.  I have kind of hit a road block in getting things done.  All of the projects that I had lined up have been completed.  My husband has some things to do that only he can do.  Until he finishes those things and I get back to the store to buy a few things, the kitchen is at a stand still.

I thought I could show a sneak peek of the kitchen by showing the string art that I made for the room.

I don't have a tutorial for this because I simply followed the tutorial that Honey & Fitz posted here.

I chose the word yummy because that is the most used word we use to describe the food we eat on a daily basis.  You can use any word or any type of font.  The font I used is called Cheri.

As you can see the kitchen is far from done.  Here is a list of things still to do.

  • Add molding to cabinet doors (to give dimension)
  • Paint hinges black
  • Finish painting light above sink
  • Install glass shelves in front of window
  • Install shelf above other window
  • Install backsplash
  • Put Billy's together (new pantry area)
  • Touch up paint near ceiling
  • Install Flor tiles
  • Rearrange items in cabinets
  • Add art to soffett and pantry doors
I think that is it.  Still lots and lots to do.  I will try to post some more projects as they are completed.  Thanks for following along.