Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY Mini Fork Sunburst Mirror

Hello everyone.  I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.  I know I sure did.  It was the best Christmas yet.  I got tons of gift cards and I can't wait to go shopping.  It looks like the office is going to get done sooner than anticipated.  Yay!

Today, I am going to show you my mini fork sunburst mirror that I made.  Awhile back, I came across this mirror on etsy.

I really liked it and knew I could make this myself.  I already had most of the materials to make it as well.  So it wouldn't cost that much to make it.
Here is what you need:

5" Round Mirror (I found at Joann Fabric)
Luan plywood (Cut slightly smaller than mirror)
Several forks
Hot glue gun and glue

Once you cut your wood, you will need to remove the handles from the forks.  I wasn't sure how to do that so I asked my husband for some help.  He just bent the forks back and forth until the metal got weak and snapped on its own.

Your forks will all be different sizes using this method as you can see, but that is perfectly fine.

Now layout the forks onto the wood to get the spacing you want.

When you like the arrangement, get ready to hot glue.

Now glue the forks to the wood.

After you glue the forks down, add a bunch of glue to the fork handles and then lay your mirror on top of it.

Add a hanger on the back and it is ready to hang.

To finish this side of the cabinet soffit, I decided to use 2 bundt cake pans as art.  They were already red which was perfect.  I bought them at Walmart.  You can find the post about the book page art here.

My version of the etsy fork sunburst mirror was only $1.  Can you believe that.  Of course, if you don't already have wood, forks and hot glue, the cost would be more.

Another project down, only a few more to go.  I can't wait to show you the reveal of the Kitchen.  It is quite the transformation. 

Please, stop back soon so that you don't miss it.


  1. Very cool! I'm always seeing things I think I can make myself but then I don't get around to making them (materials still in bags and all). :)

  2. this is so stinking cute and creative! great!

  3. This is fantastic! It's small and simple touches like these that has a HUGE impact on design. I love the entire soffit scene. Great job.
    Andrea ~

  4. I love this! I love the forks and the red bundt pans, so creatitive! I would love if you shared this at my brand new link party.
    Happy New Year!

  5. That is super cute. I will be featuring this tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  6. I'll be featuring your mirror tomorrow during the link party. Thank you so much for linking up!

  7. OMG! Thanks Desiree, featuring my mirror is so huge. I love your blog.