Monday, February 11, 2013

Love Me or Hate me, It's Still an Obsession

I just wanted to thank the person who linked my blog to "The Knot" wedding forum telling everyone how hideously ugly my whole house is.  You actually have drove hundreds of people to my blog. 

Love me or hate me, you are still talking about me and others are checking out my blog because of it. 

My style isn't for everyone.  I know that.  But it isn't ugly.  I push the envelope in everything I do.  Some people don't get that.  Why would I want to be like everyone else?  I am an individual not a lemming. 

I had bright red hair a few months ago that looked like Ronald McDonald, but every time I left the house I received a positive comment about it.  If I looked like everyone else, nobody would care.

I don't understand why different equals ugly.  I can recognize good design and taste even if it isn't my style.  I hate the look of wood but have seen several rooms that I love that have a lot of wood in them.

It seems some people are having a problem with my chevron cabinet doors and the zebra floor tiles in my kitchen.  Or, they have a problem with the damask, chevron, zebra, polka dots and stripes in my mudroom/dog's room.  I like pattern!  

Are these rooms ugly?


These rooms have a couple things in common, they are all different and they all have a mix of several different patterns.  They might not be your taste but they are designed well.  If you think they are ugly, then I would be honored to be in the same class as these rooms.

If you don't like pattern or bold colors, there is a good chance you will not like my blog or any of the rooms that I show from my house.  So, please go look at blogs that have rooms that you do like.  I will not tolerate negative comments on my blog and I will delete them.  Why?  Because it is my blog and I can.  

I am not a professional designer and I don't claim to be.  I like interior design and have fun decorating my house.  It is strictly a hobby.

Again, thank you for referring people to my site.  I really appreciate it.  I also would like to thank the people who actually like my rooms and have commented positively.  


  1. There will always be haters. Just keep doing what you do.

  2. Bravo Lauren!! I couldn't agree more with everything you're saying. Those who are only interested in following trends don't always get decor that goes against the norm... that dares to be different as a form of self expression. I think you have great style, and your rooms are amazing!
    Tuula :)

  3. My mom always had a saying while we were growing up "It wouldn't do if we all liked the same thing, the world would be a boring place". I think it fits your situation perfectly. Good for standing up to the bullies.

  4. There is a French song that says that "good people don't like those who live their life in a different way". That is so true. I like your blog because it takes me out of my comfort zone. Who wahts to see the same thing over and over again?

  5. Good for you for staying true to YOUR style! I love it! More importantly you love it and honestly thats all that matters. Ive never heard of that site but seriously youve taken the best approach, keep doing what youre doing!

  6. I've been following your blog and linking to your parties each week. Your style is not my style but I still respect your designs and want to see more. There are many well designed rooms such as the ones you featured in this post, that I don''t care for. I still love to see what other creative minds come up with and put together.
    You wouldn't like my style, neutral and boring!! (But I am positive you wouldn't disrespect me)
    Keep showing me your unique style and I will keep reading!!

    ~ Darlene
    Facebook = My Honey Bunch

  7. There will always be naysayers, no matter what your design style is. Stay true to yourself and what you love. It's your own home and it should be just the way YOU want it. Everyone's taste is different. What I appreciate is someone who takes the time to express their own creativity even if that doesn't always appeal to everyone.

  8. In the truly epic words of many Maury guests "you do YOU, girl!". And I do agree that if we all looked the same, it would be rather boring. :)

  9. Welcome to the world of blogging! Like you said, not everyone will be a fan of your taste, but thats ok, it's your opinion that really matters, after all, it's you who gets to live in your house, not anybody else. I truly don't understand why some people find the need to spread their negativity to others, I have always believed, that if you have nothing nice to say, than don't. Hope your week gets better, and hang in there, not everyone is mean spirited.

  10. Wow Lauren, I am sorry you had to deal with such hurtful behavior. Even though your style might not be my style, I can still celebrate it's uniqueness and creativeness. And there are many great ideas that I can glean from it. I just love the way you created and organized your pantry! And isn't that the idea of reading each others blogs? Not that we copy their ideas verbatim, but to get ideas and apply our own style to them?

    I tip my hat to you for expressing your individualism in your home. Sending you a healing hug!


  11. WOW - sorry to hear this!!!! I can't remember how I came across your blog but it started with that WONDERFUL and FUN mudroom - absolutely amazing!!!!! HUGS!!!!