Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Collage Dining Room Table {LR/DR Sneak Peek}

Here is our dining room table.  I decided to do a photo collage in the shape of a heart after seeing it in blogland.  Mostly, people put the collage on a large wall, but I didn't really have the open wall.  I did have this large white table top that looked like it needed something to give it that wow factor.

We love our pictures.  We have tons of pictures of us together that we wanted to display.  Pictures of us on vacation, going to concerts or on our annual fall in love day.  Also, our engagement session, wedding and day after session.  I sorted through them all and figured out how many vertical and horizontal pictures I would need to create the heart shape.  I used to order the prints.

Once I had the pictures in hand, I had to arrange them on the table in a heart shape.  After I had them where I wanted them, I put double sided tape on the back of each picture and put them in place.

I added red and purple paint chips as stripes going horizontally through the heart.  This ties into another part of the room that I will reveal at a later time.

Because this is the table we eat dinner at, we didn't want the pictures to be ruined with food and what not.  So we had a piece of glass cut to fit the table top.

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  1. Totally cute and creative. Love that you added the rows of paint chips!

    Thanks for linking it up!
    @ Creatively Living

  2. Thanks Katie. Hopefully, I can link up some other projects here soon.