Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sneak Peek - Dog's Room

First off, I would like to apologize for my crappy photos.  I was a portrait photographer for 6 years.  I was able to control my lighting when photographing people.  Interior photography is a new concept for me.  Hopefully, I can figure it out and get better with my pictures of the house.

The above picture is in our dog's room.  Yes.  Our dogs have their own room.  It is sort of a mudroom/storage room really.  It is their room though.  They are in that room in their crates when we aren't home and most of them sleep in there at night.  One of them (Geno - our traumatized rescue dog) is in there pretty much the whole day.  He likes to be in his crate even when he doesn't need to be.  Poor little guy.  It makes me sad to think anyone could have treated him so bad.

Our dogs.  Sidney, Princess "Bubby", Pokey and Geno is in the back.

This room is about 60 percent done.  I am saving up for the wall to wall Flor tiles that will cover the wood floors.  Oliver and I have a hatred for stained wood (Everyone just gasped, I am sure).  The only wood you will see in our house is a dark wood stain, black stained wood or painted wood.

This room currently has a light wood laminate and it has got to go.  So Flor tiles (which I love) will go over top of it.  Here is the pattern I came up with.

Back to the dog silhouettes...

There are many tutorials on how to do silhouettes in blog land.  Like this one, or this one.  I basically used my knowledge of photoshop (remember I was a portrait photographer) and took an existing picture of each dog.  I decided to use a colored silhouette to match the color scheme of the room, but it kind of turned out a purplish pink instead of a hot pink like I was going for.  But I love them non the less.  I finished them off by putting them in baroque frames from Hobby Lobby.

More projects will be coming up, so I hope you come back to see more of my house.