Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Upcoming Projects - Part 1

There are so many projects that need done around our house.  Some times I get a little overwhelmed by it all.  But slowly the projects get done and it is a lot of fun watching the house come together.

Here is a breakdown of all the projects on the horizon.

Part 1 is the rooms that are started and only need finishing touches.  I don't want to include any pictures until the final reveal of these rooms.  I have shown sneak peeks of projects in those rooms.

Dog's Room/Storage Room

  • Paint Toy Box
  • Sew crate covers & dog beds
  • Sew pillows
  • Sew curtain for door
  • Remove broken window lattice on door
  • Paint door
  • Do artwork for wall
  • Add o'verlay to dresser
  • Fix expedit
  • Make light fixture/Install
  • Finish adding accessories


  • Install curtain rods on pax wardrobes
  • Add handles to pax wardrobe doors
  • Sew curtains for wardrobes
  • Hang curtains on rod
  • Sew pillows
  • Make artwork for wall
  • Sew new comforter
  • Install ethanol fireplace (Future)

Living Room/ Dining Room

  • Tear out carpet
  • Install new laminate floor
  • Install light fixture in LR area
  • Make light fixture for DR area/Install
  • Install faux beams on ceiling
  • Install shelves on wall
  • Make sunburst mirrors
  • Hang mirrors & artwork on walls
  • Add mirror doors to expedits
  • Sew curtains
  • Sew pillows
  • Change slipcover on couch
  • Add wallpaper inside bookcase
  • Embellish doors on bookcase and TV stand
  • Embellish closet doors
  • Install pendant light
  • Put Flor tiles down in DR area
  • Finish adding accessories.
So that is the long list of projects for the 3 rooms that have been started and need finished.  The rest of the house is major projects.  I will continue with part 2 of this post with rooms that need completely redone.  That post will have pictures of what the rooms look like right now. 

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