Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY Doggy Toy Box

I didn't forget about showing you how we made this toy box that was in the mudroom reveal. The bad blogger that I am, didn't take any pictures while making it.  We basically had to remake it.  No worries, a family member will be getting their very own toy box as a present soon.

Here is what you need:

Fabric of your choice
Mod Podge
White Paint or Primer
Paint Brush

Tools Needed:

Tape Measure

Determine where you will be putting the toy box and measure the area to make sure it will fit before cutting your wood.  There was no room for error with my toy box so that it fit correctly in that space.

Once you have determined the size, you can figure out your cuts in the wood.  To make it easier for this tutorial, we decided to make the toy box width the same size as the width of the wood we bought.  That meant that we had 3 pieces all the same size (the bottom, front and back).  Then 2 smaller pieces for the sides.  

After the wood is cut you are ready to start assembling your box. 

It is important to drill a pilot hole for your screws so that the wood doesn't split.  Make sure your drill bit is down towards the bottom so that it goes into both pieces of wood.

After the pilot hole is done, go ahead and screw the two pieces of wood together. 

Make sure to counter sink your screw so that it isn't sticking out of the wood.  This makes it easier to cover with fabric later on.

You should put 3 or 4 screws in per side to hold it together.

Follow the same steps for the back side.  Then go ahead and do the sides.

Once the box is assembled, you are ready for paint.  If you are using a darker fabric, you probably don't need to paint the wood.  I was afraid you would see the wood grain through the fabric so I decided to paint it white first.

After the paint has dried completely, you can cover it with fabric.

Put a layer of Mod Podge onto the wood and then place the fabric down onto the Mod Podge.  Smooth out all the air pockets and wrap fabric around the edges.

When that dries, put another coat of Mod Podge on the fabric to seal it.  If the fabric feels tacky, you can use a spray sealer like Krylon Satin Finish on top of that.

This toy box replaced a bone shaped toy box that we had for years.  This one is far more appealing to look at and it matches the room better.

I have been in kitchen mode all this week.  I already started painting in there and have been trying to come up with a plan for what I want to do.  I still have a few more tutorials to show you for the mudroom and the bedroom.  I even have a tutorial for a project that I did in our office.  So stay tuned.  A lot of things coming up.

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