Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Knock Off Z Gallerie Skeleton Hand and It Is Halloween Everyday At Our House

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today, I am bringing you my one and only Halloween project.  I was inspired by this metallic skeleton hand from Z Gallerie.

Here is what you need to make this yourself:
Metallic Silver Spray Paint (I already had)
Silver Glitter (I already had)
Resin Skeleton Hand (Michael's)
I didn't take any pictures while making this.  It is pretty self explanatory.  Paint the hand with the metallic spray paint and while the paint is wet sprinkle some glitter onto it.
Here is my version of the metallic skeleton hand.

It fits in perfectly in my living room, not because it is Halloween. You see, we decorate our living room with Halloween-esque decor year round.  Here is a look at some of our decor.

We have skulls, black candelabras, black candle holders and a crow that were all in the Halloween section from various stores.  Every year, I can't wait for the Halloween decorations to come out in the stores so that I can add to my collection.  We don't do pumpkins, spiders or anything too creepy.  A lot of Halloween decorations are baroque style and that is the style that I love.  If that means I have to shop in the Seasonal section of stores than that is what I do to get my baroque stuff.
When our living room is complete, you will see the baroque style come into play.  So stay tuned for that.
I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween.  Until next time...