Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Favorite Halloween Pumpkin Tutorials

I know I haven't posted anything Halloween related.  So today, I thought I would show you some of my favorite pumpkin tutorials in blog land.  I love all the black and white baroque pumpkins.  If I decorated pumpkins, I definitely would be making all of these.  Enjoy!

Beautiful! Tutorial for gilded pumpkins with brass tacks at madiganmade.com
Halloween is that magical season where imaginations and creative fantasies run wild, and it’s the ultimate opportunity to scare up that limitless array of crafty tricks & treats you’ve been dreaming up. While whipping up a costume may be the first project on your list, we suggest taking dress-up to the next level with a boo-tiful take on string art. With some colorful string, nails and a geometric pattern in mind, create this unique holiday décor that’s unexpectedly chic and one-of-a-kind. 

To create: Push thin nails around the top and bottom of the pumpkin in a circle formation, leave approximately half an inch between each nail. P.S.- Don’t push the nail heads in yet. Knot the pink string to a nail and wrap it in an up-and-down pattern across the pumpkin. Create contrast with a different colored string and repeat the knot and wrapping step. To finish it off, push the nail heads into the pumpkin to secure.

P.S.- Enter Polyvore’s All Hallows collage contest, for a chance to be featured on Polyvore!
Tomorrow, I will show you the one and only Halloween project that I worked on this year.  I will also explain why that is the only Halloween project you will see from me.  Please, come back tomorrow to see it.