Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Home Goals

Happy New Year!

2012 was a crazy year, but a good year.  We did a lot of work to our house, but only completed 2 of the rooms.  Getting those 2 rooms done definitely motivated us to get the rest of the house done.  It might be a small house, but it will be a nice little house when it is done.  

This is what I hope to accomplish in 2013.

Goal #1 Finish the Kitchen.


This is what our kitchen looked like a couple of months ago.  It already looks completely different, but it still isn't finished.  We are about 85 percent done.  It is my number 1 priority this year.

Goal #2 Finish the Office/Craft Room

This photo was also taken a few months ago.  We have already started redoing this room.  The walls are now gray and the furniture has been rearranged.  There is still plenty to do in this room before it is done.  

Goal #3 Finish the Living Room/Dining Room

This is a first look at our living room/dining room.  I was trying to save it for the reveal, but I can't explain what all needs done to it without showing you the problems.

We started this room several months ago.  We were going to put laminate flooring in, but to save money we decided to paint the hardwood floors that are under the carpet.  When we realized that was what we wanted to do, it was already cold outside.  In order to paint the floor, we will have to stay somewhere while the floor is drying.  There is no way to get to the bathroom or kitchen without stepping on this floor.

When the carpet is out, we can proceed with hanging things on the walls and changing the light fixture.  We also decided that the couches that we have in here aren't working out.  They were left over from my photography studio that is now closed.  They aren't comfortable at all.  So we are going to buy a brand new couch from Ikea.

The rest is accessorizing, add throw pillows, update curtains, etc.

Goal #4 Finish Entry Way

I took this photo the same day as the kitchen photo a few months ago.  We have already started this area as well.  The walls, trim and doors were painted.  We just have to wait for warmer weather to paint the floor.  And yes, I am going to paint the ceramic tile floor.  I have seen others on the Internet who have done it and I think it is the perfect solution for us.

Goal # 5 Hallway

Our hallway is a blank slate.  The carpet will be ripped out when the living room carpet goes.  I need to come up with something for this blank wall.  There is also a need for lighting.  It is really dark in the hall.

Goal # 6 Hall Closet

This closet is a disaster.  Every time I open this door, I am disgusted.  It is impossible to find anything in there.

Goal # 7 Paint Exterior of House

We wanted to get to this in 2012 but we ran out of summer weather to get it done.  Some of the awnings have already been removed.  We are going to remove the others and paint the whole house and detached garage gray.  We will also paint the 2 doors red.

Goal #8 Start Bathroom

I don't know if we will get to this with all of the above projects going on.  I would like to at least replace the sink that is to small and doesn't drain right and remove the glass doors on the shower.  They are not attractive at all.  A shower curtain is way easier to keep clean.  If I get to those things in the bathroom for 2013, I will be happy.

That is it.  It seems like a lot, but most of the rooms are already in progress and just need finished.  Painting the house will be the biggest project, I think.  I love to paint so I am actually excited to do it.

Do you think I can get it all done?    What are your home goals for 2013?

I have a big shopping trip to Ikea and a few other stores tomorrow.  I plan on getting everything I need to finish this kitchen.  I can't wait to show you.  You won't believe it is the same room.