Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Unexpected Change in the Kitchen

Hi everyone.  I hope the start of your weekend is going well.  It is a beautiful day here in Ohio.  It is finally starting to feel like spring.  I know it is going to get cold again, but I am enjoying it while I can.

Today, I decided to make a small unexpected change to my kitchen.  This is such a simple change and I won't even see it all that much.  It had to be done though.  

I painted the side of the drawers red.


When I am sitting in my living room, I can see 1 small section of the kitchen.  Sometimes, when my husband is cooking, (Yes my husband cooks the food for us) he leaves the drawers open and I can see the wood finish and some old pink paint that made its way onto the sides of the drawers.  Bottom line, I was sick of looking at it.

Now, I can look at it like this.  Which looks way better in my opinion.  It is amazing what a little paint can do.


  1. Love the unexpected change - looks great!!!

  2. This is such a great idea to add a little fun to drawers and I love that it's like a secret: no one sees it until you open the drawer!

  3. I have been painting the sides of all my drawer projects also. Such a cute surprise and it gives a finished look....Goood job! :)

  4. Love the red on the side. A nice unexpected touch. Sharon