Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Floor Plan

I always talk about how small our house is but I never showed a floor plan of the house.  I thought now is a good time to show it so that you can understand how small it really is.

The program I use to create floor plans (Chief Architect), says that the house is 742 square feet.  We do have a full basement that isn't finished and isn't included in the square footage.  I wish it was, but there is asbestos down there.  We do use the basement for storage and the laundry room is down there.  We also have a detached one and a half car garage that is not included on the floor plan.

The bedroom that is to the right of the kitchen is the dog's room/mud room.  It isn't really a bedroom because there isn't a built in closet.  There is also an exterior door in there that leads to our side yard/back yard.

The front door that we use (the entry) is basically in the kitchen.  The stairs to the basement are directly across from the entry.  (It says open below on the floor plan.  I am not sure why, but I know it wouldn't let me put the stairs to the basement there without it saying that.)

There are windows in the bedroom and office, but I didn't put them in on the floor plan because we have furniture in front of the windows.  There is even a window in the bathroom that previous owners covered up with the shower/tub combo.  You can see the window on the outside though and it looks bad because you can see the back of what looks like drywall.  We are going to try to take out the glass and put in a faux curtain to hide it.

I hope this helps you visualize my home when I am talking about what rooms I am working on.  The kitchen, dog's room and office are all done.  I am still working on the living room/dining room and bathroom and the bedroom is getting revamped although it was officially done.  You know how it is.